Best Baseball Gloves 2017 – The Complete Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


I understand that not everyone understands that there are actually a lot of different types of baseball glove types and buying the best baseball gloves is more complicated than it seems. There are plenty of things that should be considered such as the age of the user, the position, sturdiness, and some features of the glove.

Do not worry or feel intimated, however, because this is the reason I am doing this article. I would love to guide you as you go and search for the perfect one. Today, we will discuss the most important factors to deliberate on.

I will be orienting you about the things you should know so that when the salesman would pitch you his or her product you would be able to understand the terms he would be using and in the same light, you would be able to ask the right questions that will help you narrow your choices down.

It is important that we do not only look at the physical characteristic of your child’s baseball gloves. Yes, it should be attractive to lure your kids to play with it, but I believe that the safety features are far more important. Without further ado, let us start our discussion.

best baseball gloves reviews 2017

What are the things we should consider when buying the best baseball gloves?

  • Material and durability

Did you know that you can make baseball gloves out of 9 different materials (10 if you include Wilson’s very own SuperSkin)? You have an option of buying buffalo skin, full-grain leather, kip leather, mesh, pigskin, steer hide, synthetics and even yak leather.

If you want the toughest types, go for the kangaroo leather or buffalo skin; but there is a bad news, after repeated use they will actually deform your gloves. If you like soft feels, buy the pigskin. Be warned, however, that this is not very durable. Do you want lightweight? Kangaroo, Mesh, and Yak Leather will be the best choices.

  • Webbings

There are two major groups that your glove will fall into when we talk about webbings. It can be closed webbing or an open one. The correct webbing will help you hold the ball better it after catching it.

Closed webs are perfect for catchers. It is also recommended for pitchers since they would need it to help them hide the ball during the play better.

The open web, on the other hand, is needed by infield and outfield players that have a strong tendency to put on and remove the gloves while they are active on the field. Open web also allows better ventilation for your hands. Middle infielders love I-web since they can track flyballs better.

  • Wrist closure

This can also be referred to as backing. Buyers can select from an open back or closed back. If you are after heightened elasticity and coziness just like middle infielders, getting an open backed glove will be very helpful. Infielders in general, who requires easy turnaround, will also prefer open back gloves.

  • Pockets

A baseball glove pocket can be deep or shallow. The first one is preferred by players who need a quick transition from catching the ball and throwing it to other players. Contrary to that, if you are tasked to take care of fly balls and hard hit shots, the deep pocket will be your best bet. In simpler terms, outfielders would best play with deep-pocket gloves.

  • Position

To help you better understand what we are talking about, let us check the different positions of the gamers and describe which glove is most suitable for them. Bear in mind that the perfect glove would not only make them play better, it would also protect them from injuries.

Catcher’s mitts should be manufactured with safety in mind. Catchers are prone to injury because they have to receive the impact of the strong throws from the pitcher. Their gloves basically do not outline the fingers but it is well- padded. Pockets should be small and shallow, and the webbing should also be closed.

First base mitts may look like the previous one but it does not have as much padding. The webbing can also help you distinguish the first base mitts from the catcher’s. They would need a glove that has open webbings with pockets that are not deep. This is a vital characteristic that can help them achieve a fast play.

Infielders need to be fast; hence, they would need a smaller glove that could provide them flexibility and speed. Gloves with closed webbing with shallow pockets can be their best weapon in winning the game. This will allow them to transfer, retrieve and throw the ball without difficulty.

Outfielders will need the big ones. Large, deep-pocketed, and open-webbed gloves will be the perfect equipment for them. The aim is for them to have a large surface area for catching the ball, and being able to snare and grasp it securely.

Pitcher’s glove should have a closed web. This will help them enhance its batter grip and at the same time, hide the ball.

Another reason why buying can sometimes be complex is the fact that there are many divisions in which your glove can belong to. We are going to tackle each one by one as well.

  • Age of the user

It is important to know the age of the user because it will give you an idea about which size should you purchase for them. Unfortunately, this will not be a very safe basis for that because some can have smaller or bigger hands compared to others.

You should also check the position of the player side by side the age. For infielders aged below 8 years old, 9 inches is the best size. If they are between 8 and 13, you must give them 9-10 inches. If they are high schoolers to adult, the perfect size would be 10.5 to 11.5. On the other hand, outfielders aged below 8, 8-13, and high schoolers and older, give them 11, 11-12, and 12 to 13 respectively.

Sometimes, we also have to check the flexibility of the gloves especially if you are going to give them to toddlers or pre-schoolers. As excited as they may be, their hands are still not that fully develop to make a strong grip. They can get frustrated and do away with playing baseball if the gloves that they are using are hard to bend.

  • Hand orientation

It is not surprising to feel very uneasy because the desk of your armchair or your guitar was made for right handed people only. This is the same reason why you have to take into consideration the handedness of the player. Without any argument, if they will be given the tool that is perfect for their traits, they will be performing better.

Table of Comparison – Top 10 Best Baseball Gloves

To help you understand the similarities and differences of each glove, I would like to present a table for you arranged by hand orientation (both left and right followed by right hand only) and then according to the size (from smallest to biggest).

Product NameMaterialSize (inch)WebPlayer type
Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Gloves & Ball ComboMesh shell9.5ClosedYouth, starters
Rawlings Boy’s Players Series 9-Inch Tee Ball GloveComposite leather9.5ClosedYouth,
Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball GloveSynthetic Leather11.5ClosedYouth, infielders
Rawlings Sporting Goods Player Preferred GlovesFull grain leather11/12/12.5/13/14ClosedInfielders, outfielders, and pitcher, first base
Franklin Sports Air Tech Soft Foam Baseball Glove and Ball Set - Special EditionAirTech Material9OpenYouth,
Wilson A200 Series 10 Inch Youth Baseball GloveSynthetic leather10ClosedYouth, all positions
Wilson WTA02RB16 MLB Team T-Ball Youth Baseball GloveEVA10OpenYouth, all positions
Rawlings 11" Players Series Right-Handed Baseball GloveSynthetic leather11ClosedYouth, all positions
Mizuno GMVP1154SE4 MVP Prime SE GlovesBioSoft leather11.5OpenYouth, infielders, and outfielders
Mizuno GMVP1177PSE3 Baseball Glove 11.75 inchLeather11.75ClosedYouth, all positions

What did not make our list:

You might have wondered why I did not include Louisville Slugger 9.5-Inch FG Genesis Baseball Infielders Gloves and Rawlings Select Pro Lite Player Edition Youth Glove Series. These two gloves are not considered as the best for now but I can see huge potential in them. These gloves indeed have high ratings but the number of buyers is still inadequate to substantiate.

Please do not get me wrong, this is a good glove for young infielders. As we all acknowledge, children are playful and careless. Hence, the items that we usually purchase for them are short-lived. This Louisville Slugger 9.5-Inch FG Genesis Baseball Infielders Gloves is an exception. It is made with highly durable materials (buffalo skin and mesh) in its major parts (palm and shell, and back respectively).

It has a basket webbing and mesh back that enhances the catching ability of your kid. The grip would also not be a problem because of its design. The little hands can easily open and close the gloves and that is really great. However, it can get deformed after long use.

On the other hand, Rawlings Select Pro Lite Player Edition Youth Glove Series is made of lightweight and soft leather shell. The linings on the back of the fingers are cushioned well. This creates a very good pocket to catch and hold the ball.

It can cater right and left-hand throwers and it is also available in different sizes, however, it is notably costly.

Our Pick For The Best Baseball Gloves 2017

After thorough observation and additional research, I have concluded that the best baseball glove for this year would be the Rawlings Sporting Goods Player Preferred Gloves.

The fact that it can accommodate different kinds of baseball player needs makes it the winner by unanimous decision. Lefties can use it as well as those right-handed players. It offers different sizes such as 11 inches, 12 inches, 12.5 inches, 13 inches, and 14 inches. It also caters different kinds of player positions such as first base mittens.

Speaking about the physical characteristics of the glove, the one that I like most is the patented basket web from Rawlings. I also adore the adjustable pull straps that can be easily used by any age. Lastly, the manufacturers also made slow-pitch softball patterns for this baseball glove.

Unfortunately, you do not have as many choices compared to other brands. It does have options though such as black or brown. It may not be fancy such as other neon, pastel, and other engaging colors but I would still prefer functionality versus looks. Hopefully, the manufacturer would hear us and add more colors to their upcoming batches for this model.

It is indeed both ergonomically and aesthetically commendable but that is not all. As a parent, you would want your child’s toy to be eye-catching, yes, but we have this natural tendency to go for the one that will probably give them the highest protection too.  With that, I would like you to know that I love their zero shock palm hand that highlights the safety of the users.

In-depth Analysis & Reviews

Best Baseball Gloves #1: Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Gloves & Ball Combo

The process of finding the perfect glove is already time-consuming, isn’t it? Now, if you wanted to save your time finding the right ball, then this will be the best product for you. Yes, you read it correctly, this glove comes with a baseball and it is surprisingly inexpensive.

This cute little glove is perfect for 4 to 6 years of age. The ball that comes with it has the professional appearance but it is actually soft enough for the little ones to prevent bruises or injuries while playing. On top of that, you can expect the hand, eye and muscle coordination of your youngster will improve dramatically because of the fact that the product comes with a baseball.

This very cute toddler to pre-schooler teeball fielding glove has three color options: 1) royal, lime and orange, 2) Purple, lime, pink and yellow, and 3) Black, graphite, and white. Both girls and boys will truly adore this toy.


Combos, packages, kits – if you are a fan of complete sets of products then buy this Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Gloves & Ball Combo now. A baseball comes with this good quality glove. Children, as young as 3, can make use of these game trainers; whether they are left-handed or right.

  • Comes with a baseball
  • Very affordable
  • Ball is soft, perfect for playful children
  • The handedness instruction can be confusing, be very careful when ordering

Best Baseball Gloves #2: Rawlings Boy’s Players Series 9-Inch Tee Ball Glove

Making your children play outside can be hard these days because of mobile gadgets. This Rawlings Boy’s Players Series 9-Inch Tee Ball Glove would then be a great toy to entice your children to become more active.

It is made of composite leather, giving a soft leathery feel without the expensive price tag. The backing was designed conventionally for added bendability. This will make your kids enjoy playing more because they will not feel frustrated about the stiffness of the glove. It has a basket webbing that aims to provide toughness, resilience, and suppleness perfect for your child’s playful characteristic.


Combos, packages, kits – if you are a fan of complete sets of products then buy this Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Gloves & Ball Combo now. A baseball comes with this good quality glove. Children, as young as 3, can make use of these game trainers; whether they are left-handed or right.

  • Soft and small, perfect for tiny learning hands
  • Comes with a soft ball
  • Sizes are smaller compared to others

Best Baseball Gloves #3: Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

If you are buying the glove for your child who is just starting to learn the wonderful game of baseball, this will be the best baseball glove for him or her. You can never go wrong with Mizuno since they personalized this glove giving it the PowerClose technology (which makes hassle-free catching of the ball) and Power Lock Closure (that gives the user a snug fit).

If you are already impressed by those features, wait until you discover that it also has Heel Flex technology that makes the glove stretchy allowing the child to easily control it while catching. It also has a V-flex notch feature which perfectly cradles the fingers for relaxed but secured grip.


Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove is great for young kids who would are looking for a new sport to play, be it serious or for recreation. It looks great and the webbing makes it extra special. It would be a great practice buddy for your children but inform them that the pad may not be adequate for repeated catching forceful throws.

  • With Power Lock Closure
  • With Heel Flex Technology and V-Flex Notch
  • Great for starters
  • Lightweight
  • Stiff in pinky and thumb fingers
  • Padding seems to be insufficient

Best Baseball Gloves #4: Rawlings Sporting Goods Player Preferred Gloves

There is no surprise to see this product as part of the best sellers. It is relatively large compared to others making it perfect for outfielders. It has a sophisticated overall design. The basket web adds not only to the superior appearance but to its functionality as well. It augments the surface area of the glove making assured and locked catches.

The product is made with full-grain leather lace with slow-pitch softball patterns. Playing baseball can sometimes be dangerous but not when you use Rawlings Sporting Goods Player Preferred Gloves because it has zero shock palm pad. The pull straps are also adjustable providing a secure fit to the players.

What I love about this product aside from its special features is that it comes in different sizes and colors. Size 11, 12, 12.5, 13 or 15? Do not worry because Rawlings got your back. They have a glove for both left-hand and right-hand throwers. On top of that, they also offer first base mitts!


This is the perfect choice if you are hoping to provide gloves for the entire team. They cater different positions, handedness, and sizes. If you are after aesthetically and ergonomically designed products, Rawlings Sporting Goods Player Preferred Gloves is undoubtedly the finest choice.

  • The pull straps are adjustable
  • Has a basket webbing
  • Has slow-pitch softball patterns
  • With zero shock palm pad
  • Conventional back design
  • Caters different sizes
  • Caters different positions
  • None

Best Baseball Gloves #5: Franklin Sports Air Tech Soft Foam Baseball Glove and Ball Set – Special Edition

This 9 inches baseball glove is perfect for your kiddos because of so many reasons. Primarily, it is made of soft foam glove that perfectly cushions the little hands of your future professional league players. I like that it is made with adjustable self-stick wrist closure. It makes it easy for our toddlers to put it on and take it off as needed. It is also very flexible which makes your toddlers hold and let go of the ball comfortably; practicing their grasping skills even more.

The manufacturers gave a soft, lightweight Airtech ball to the glove making it perfect for your playful children. Unfortunately, many users have reported that this product easily wears.


If you are a bit patriotic, the color of this glove, red, white and blue will then be the main attraction for you. The cushioning and material makes the product makes it perfect for young players. It will be easier for them to learn because it comes with a matching ball.

  • It has an adjustable self-stick wrist closure
  • It has an Air Tech outer shell
  • Is ultra-flexible
  • Not as durable as others

Best Baseball Gloves #6: Wilson A200 Series 10 Inch Youth Baseball Glove

This black and blue Wilson A200 Series can make your son easily fall in love with the game of baseball. It has a very catchy blue and black color, making it extraordinary. Whatever the position of your child may be, he can use this without having too much stress.

What’s great aside from the fact that Wilson is the manufacturer of this product is that it has a perfect fit for most 6-8 years old football champion aspirants. My little one says it is soft and we did not even need to spend lengthy periods of time for a break-in.

The material of the glove is composite leather. It gives a great feel to the user without having to spend too much money. It is flexible and it has closed webbing. It will allow your kids the principle of catching the ball properly. The design also helps secure ball handling.


If the favorite color of your child is blue, you can never go wrong with this product. Wilson a200 series can provide a very good stimulus for your child to play baseball. However, if your child throws with his left hand, you will need to find another baseball glove for him.

  • Has unique victory webbing
  • A very good starter glove
  • Has a great fit for young ones
  • It is only suitable for right-handed players

Best Baseball Gloves #7: Wilson WTA02RB16 MLB Team T-Ball Youth Baseball Glove

The Wilson Pro Stock patterns are exceptional for so many reasons. If we share the same sentiment, then you will find this Wilson WTA02RB16 MLB Team T-Ball Youth Baseball Glove perfect for your children.

Whether you have one or three or even 14 kids, this will not be a hindrance for giving them their own unique glove. Why? This is because you actually have 14 colors to choose from! You may want:

  • black and orange,
  • black and yellow,
  • forest green and yellow,
  • navy and orange,
  • navy and red, navy,
  • white and red,
  • navy and white,
  • navy, red and white,
  • red and navy,
  • red, navy and white,
  • red and white,
  • royal and orange,
  • royal and white, and
  • royal, white and red.

Please be advised, however, that sometimes the color of the products you will receive may not be as dark or as light compared to the photos posted online.

This glove features an H-webbing that aids the practice of these young starters. The stitching and the materials that were used in this product, together with proper care will surely lengthen the lifespan of this playmate.


Are you planning to provide gloves for kids who aspire to be a future professional player? If yes, then this will be your best choice. You can give unique gloves to 14 youngsters without exerting too much effort. It is made of high-quality materials allowing them to be enjoy training for competitive matches in the future.

  • Affordable
  • Inspired by Wilson Pro Stock patterns
  • Made with super soft EVA
  • Color might sometimes vary from the picture

Best Baseball Gloves #8: Rawlings 11″ Players Series Right-Handed Baseball Glove

If you have seen a potential in your kids, you might want to encourage them more by purchasing this product. The usual brown glove may be monotonous for some players, this Rawlings glove made a model that is black with tan linings. I consider the design and color very elegant yet it is actually affordable.

The glove has a neoprene flex back which makes it exceptionally flexible for easy catching and closing. Soon enough, after thorough practice, the hand skills of your child will greatly improve. It has a closed webbing that helps create a bigger pocket for the ball Sad to say though, this mitten is for right-hand throwers only. Also, the glove seems to have very little ventilation for the hand.


Rawlings are always expected to produce high-quality products and this is another evidence for that. If you would like a glove for your child that looks luxurious but is surprisingly cheaper than others, then go for Rawlings 11″ Players Series Right-Handed Baseball Glove. Just make sure that he or she throws with the right hand or else you will end up returning and exchanging the product.

  • Pro Performance design
  • Basket web
  • Neoprene flex back
  • Right-hand throwers only

Best Baseball Gloves #9: Mizuno GMVP1154SE4 MVP Prime SE Gloves

Black and gold, black and orange, navy and red, red and black, royal and red, and silver and red; no those are not the teams for the next baseball league in your town.  These are actually the choices of colors for the next baseball glove of your little athlete.

This may sound great right? Your son may even collect all the colors if he wants, I just have to tell you though that the price differs from one color to another. Typically, the most expensive one is the black and gold, followed by the silver and red.

Mizuno bombards their users with lots of beneficial features. You might notice how expensive they are compared to other brands but I really think it is worth it.

The glove has a bio-soft leather that gives out a smooth feel without being slippery. It is not also difficult to maneuver the glove because it is soft and flexible. The special heel flex technology is also present in this product. Aside from that, this glove has an ultra-soft palm liner which provides a superb feel and velvety texture.

Lastly, what I love about this Mizuno model is that the edges have been ergonomically designed with laces. Because of this form, the thumb and the pinky are steadily and comfortably cradled during play.


Rawlings are always expected to produce high-quality products and this is another evidence for that. If you would like a glove for your child that looks luxurious but is surprisingly cheaper than others, then go for Rawlings 11″ Players Series Right-Handed Baseball Glove. Just make sure that he or she throws with the right hand or else you will end up returning and exchanging the product.

  • Bio-soft leather
  • Center pocket design
  • Heel flex technology
  • UltraSoft palm liner
  • Lace design at the edge
  • Expensive compared to others

Best Baseball Gloves #10: Mizuno GMVP1177PSE3 Baseball Glove 11.75 inch

What is not to love in this Mizuno glove? Nothing and that is why I think this is another perfect choice for your child. You have an option of red and black or royal and red. It has a center pocket design which they would actually love because the baseball can actually sit comfortably in your ‘palm’ as you catch it.

Some gloves might give your kid problems with the fingers (the finger and thumb in particular) but not this glove. It has strong edges, yes, but it is made of smooth professional style oil plus leather. This means that you will obviously detect a smooth and soft texture but it does not compromise the game by letting the ball slip.

This glove has a two-tone lace. The outline of the logo is embroidered, making it look professional or ‘real’. Of course, we should never forget that this Wilson glove has durable steer soft palm liner.


This product is for serious young gamers. It has a sleep professional look that can boost their motivation especially since they wish to be a part of the next line of professional baseball players. It has perfect features that make playing competitively fun. You might, however, find this unaffordable equated to others.

  • Center pocket design
  • Smooth professional style
  • Durable steer soft palm liner
  • More pricey than others


The search for the best baseball glove can be tricky but once you got the most suitable one for you, it will be very worth it. There is certainly no perfect brand for everyone. Expensive baseball gloves may not also mean that they are the best among the rest. The age of the user, size, playing position, handedness and even their specific preferences should be taken into careful consideration.

Do not forget that it is also very subjective. One glove may seem perfect for others but not for you. With this in mind, do not be afraid to do some research and to try them on first before deciding. Sometimes, all it takes to find the best deal is to put them on your hands and your heart will make the judgment based on your feelings.

I hope you find this article helpful. Please write your comments and suggestions below. And please do not forget to share this with your friends!

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