Best Basketball Shoes 2017 – Complete Buyer’s Guide And Reviews


If you need to gear up for your next basketball game, buying a pair of basketball shoes is probably the next thing on your shopping list. You can head out on your favorite shoe stores and pick out the best basketball shoes brands. But with all those stunning shoe collection, you might agree that it won’t be quite easy to choose the right pair for you.

Even without another game to prep for, basketball shoes have always been part of men’s wardrobe. However, getting the perfect pair needs careful consideration on some important factors. Then so, how can you choose the best basketball shoes on the market? What else should you know about basketball shoes? We’d be glad to assist you with that.

Today we are going to reveal the top 10 rated basketball shoes you can buy in 2017.

best basketball shoes 2017 - Ultimate Buying guide and reviews

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes of 2017

To help you choose your next pair of basketball shoes, we’ve narrowed down all the bestsellers to a list.

I Know We Are All Busy So… Let’s take a look at the list of best basketball shoes 2017:

Nike Men's Lebron XII Basketball ShoeLeather and Synthetic16 oz.
Nike Men's Lebron XIII Basketball ShoeRubber14.06 oz.
Men's Under Armour CluthFit Drive Mid Basketball ShoeSynthetic and Rubber12.06 oz.
Adidas Performance Men's Crazy 8 Basketball ShoeSynthetic and textile15 oz.
Jordan Retro 4 White Chrome Metallic SilverLeather14 0z.
Nike Men's Hyperdunk 2015 Prm Basketball ShoeSynthetic and rubber13.9 oz.
Nike Men's Kobe XI Elite Low Basketball ShoeFlyknit and rubber12.09 oz.
Nike Men's Lebron Soldier IX Basketball ShoeRubber14.08 oz.
Adidas Performance Men's D Rose 773 II Basketball ShoeSynthetic Leather/Synthetic Nubuck/Textile11.9 0z.
Nike Men's Air Command Force Basketball ShoeLeather14 oz.

By Rating Score Card:

Nike Men's Lebron XII Basketball Shoe4/54/54.5/54.5/53.5/5
Nike Men's Lebron XIII Basketball Shoe4.5/54.5/54.5/55/53.5/5
Men's Under Armour CluthFit Drive Mid Basketball Shoe5/54.5/55/54.5/53/5
Adidas Performance Men's Crazy 8 Basketball Shoe4/54/54.5/54.5/53/5
Jordan Retro 4 White Chrome Metallic Silver4/54/54.5/54.5/54/5
Nike Men's Hyperdunk 2015 Prm Basketball Shoe4.5/53.5/54/54.5/53/5
Nike Men's Kobe XI Elite Low Basketball Shoe3.5/54.5/54.5/54/54/5
Nike Men's Lebron Soldier IX Basketball Shoe4/54.5/54/54/53/5
Adidas Performance Men's D Rose 773 II Basketball Shoe5/54/54.5/54/53/5
Nike Men's Air Command Force Basketball Shoe4.5/54.5/54/54/54/5

Below are our more detailed reviews:

Best Basketball Shoes #1: Nike Men’s Lebron XII Basketball Shoe

Before we move over to its incredible features, the Nike Men’s Lebron XII has a wide range of stunning designs. Each style has its own striking trademark that will definitely leave you (and the others!) awestruck! It is uniquely designed with five visible Nike Zoom units in the forefoot which delivers ultra-responsive cushioning.

With this feature, it makes the shoes lightweight and durable. This type of cushioning is incredibly thin as if you’re almost touching the ground as you wear them. Having this kind of feature, it also allows you to drive those quick cuts and multi-directional movements. The Nike Zoom is nothing new to Lebron line. However, the Lebron 12 is the very first Nike shoe that’s designed with five hex-shaped air units.

Another incredible feature of the Lebron 12 might be the Megafuse technology that comfortably locks down your foot and lightens up the weight while wearing it. The Ultralight Flywire cables, on the other hand, loosen and tighten with your foot’s natural motion. Hence, it can make you feel comfortable while playing on the court. The Hyperposite is actually per Lebron’s personal request. They are placed as wings for lockdown instead of in the forefoot or toe foot. This feature provides superior support during sharp cuts.

In short, I personally think that the Nike Lebron 12 is another superb creation from Nike’s Lebron line. I liked how the traction pattern was designed. It is creatively built but the grip holds too much which is a disadvantage when you’re playing on the court. It is too firm that you won’t be able to freely move your feet and keep up with your speed. However, I think they made it all up with the cushioning. It absorbs more impact and hence, gives you more flexibility. It is a mesh shoe which should have added more ventilation but I guess the Megafuse or other interiors have blocked it. If there isn’t much air flow, heat will build up inside and hence, it might not be that comfortable. But anyway, you can get this fixed up with great quality socks. If you drive all your sharp cuts, the Hyperposite wings fully support the feet. All in all, it performs well on court!

  • Uniquely designed with five hex-shaped Nike Zoom units
  • Equipped with Ultralight Flywire cables
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Designed with Hyperposite wings for greater support during sharp cuts
  • It seems a bit clunky.
  • There is less ventilation.
  • The traction is too grippy.

Best Basketball Shoes #2: Nike Men’s Lebron XIII Basketball Shoe

Moving over to another shoe from the Lebron line, the Nike Lebron 13 is also loaded with amazing features. The elegant design also proves an outstanding shoe artistry. While the Lebron 12 is created with five hex-zoom air units, this one only has two – under the heel and first met head. Each is 13mm thicker than the 12’s but this feature makes it more responsive with every stride and bounce. The transition of the units deliver perfect balance and smooth drive as you go with every move. In total, there are four independent zoom air units on the forefoot for low-profile, flexible and responsive cushioning. The lightweight Phylon and Zoom make it even much lighter than they are designed to be.

The sock booty, the Hyperposite, mesh and TPU layers make the whole shoe structure of Lebron 13. The sock booty provides comfortable fit and lockdown support while the TPU layers make the shoes long lasting and resistant to oils, greases or chemicals. The Hyperposite, on the other hand, protects the mesh.

The Nike Lebron 13 features high collar which gives full ankle support. Although that can prevent sprained ankles, it minimizes your speed while playing. I just think that the collar is too high that sometimes it gets uncomfortable. But then again, it provides maximum protection and stability out on-court. You’d also observe how lightweight these are even though they’re obviously bulky. And because it is lightweight, you can maneuver easily around the court. However, due to the transition on the hex-zoom units, which I think seemed awkward, the fit may not be comfortable on the first try. But the next time I tried it, it has gotten more comfortable, so I think you just have to give it more time until you get used to it. But then, once you try it out on the court, Lebron 13’s performance is pretty impressive with all the traction and cushion.

  • The hex-zoom air units make it more responsive with every stride and bounce
  • Ultra lightweight – allows you to maneuver easily
  • Designed with a material that provides comfortable fit and lockdown support
  • Due to its narrow width, it gives a tight and uncomfortable fit on the first try.
  • It sometimes make a squeaking and loud sound.
  • The high collar minimizes the speed.

Best Basketball Shoes #3: Men’s Under Armour ClutchFit Drive Mid Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Clutchfit Drive is created with the Clutchfit technology that provides strength and flexibility. It also boosts the support but keeps it lightweight. The ClutchFit technology also provides great ankle support which is sometimes quite difficult to find on some basketball shoes. It fully supports your ankle without compromising your mobility. The traction of the Under Armor Clutchfit Drive features multi-directional herringbone which allows you to move with your hard cuts or quick cutbacks. The Micro G foam, in full length, turns cushioned landings into explosive takeoffs and the external heel counter adds support and comfort. Moreover, the molded Micro G sock liner comfortably keeps your foot locked in.

With all the commendable features, it provides comfortable and perfect fit. The design shows simplicity and elegance. The combination colors of black and white makes a subtle contribution to fashion.

I think the ClutchFit technology is truly commendable and perfectly provides full foot and ankle support. However, with such feature, the ventilation gets compromised at times. With is solid layer, the shoes tend to build up heat inside. This may be a disadvantage when you play long hours on the court. Less ventilation means more blisters. But then again, wearing great quality socks is the solution! Despite that, it is still comfortable. The tractions does its job perfectly! One of the best basketball shoes so far. The materials are of highest quality which makes it durable. All in all, Under Armour’s ClutchFit is awesome on-court and even off-court. I think this is one of the most affordable basketball shoes with really great performance.

  • Infused with ClutchFit technology for full foot and ankle support – also provides strength and flexibility
  • The multi-directional herringbone provides great maneuver for your hard cuts and quick cutbacks
  • Features Micro G sock liner and Micro G foam for comfort and greater foot support
  • It has less ventilation due to its solid synthetic shell.

Best Basketball Shoes #4: Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy 8 Basketball Shoe

Adidas Crazy 8 is definitely intimidating just by its design. The design makes it look bulky and heavy but it is actually incredibly stunning. Crazy 8 is available in many different colors and every piece gives off a simple design. The design already makes it one of the best basketball shoes and so its features. It is made of synthetic and textile material for lighter weight and durability. The Torsion system is what the crazy 8 is equipped with, for midfoot integrity and the Puremotion midsole mimics the natural stability, efficiency and rapid reaction time of the bare foot. Thus, with the collaboration of all the materials and technology, it provides great comfort and fit while you show off your on-court moves.

The cushioning is indeed a plus on the Crazy 8 model. The thin and firm midsole and contoured outsole make it more responsive. May not be as good as the Micro G or any other foam, the responsiveness is not compromised. The traction, on the other hand, is great for outdoors because of its thick rubber with herringbone grooves.

Adidas Crazy 8 model is structured with the combination of synthetic, leather and textile materials which make it durable and reliable for long-time use.  I think the design is not what many preferred today but it is not outdated. The features itself stand out. The ones that did stand out might be the cushioning and traction which were both great performance enhancers. It provides great support and allows you to move naturally and dynamically while keeping you comfortable out on the court. It is also the best recommended shoes for positions such as slashing 2-guard or ¾ wings and post!

  • Provides secure lockdown, smooth transition and firm cushioning
  • The midsole and outsole contribute to its responsiveness – very responsive
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Provides great fit and full ankle support – made with high quality materials
  • Makes you feel clunky at first
  • It has less ventilation.
  • The design is not very impressive though not outdated.

Best Basketball Shoes #5: Jordan Retro 4 White Chrome Metallic Silver

If you want to get that Michael Jordan feel on-court again, the Jordan Retro 4 White Chrome Metallic Silver might be your next pair of basketball shoes. The laser prints are the finest details. The chrome metallic silver complements the whole design thus make it look more elegant, classic and complex at the same time. The tongue is creatively designed with a reflective 3M detailing. This feature is highlighted whenever it gets hit by a flash. This gives the Jordan Retro 4 a modern day look. The ice outsole also emphasizes the silhouette which blends in with the other details gives off a touch of futuristic look. The mesh design on the tongue makes the shoe more sophisticated. This model, anyhow, is part of the 30th Anniversary of the Jordan line. Truly makes this pair of shoes even more special, doesn’t it?

The Jordan Retro Laser 4S design also adds more depth in its features. It provides great comfort on your feet with all the high quality materials used, as what Jordan shoes are always made of. Just by its look, you’ll see how thick the soles are. Thicker soles mean more suitable for heavy duty use. You can definitely wear them even on the daily basis.

Once you wear these Jordan Retro Laser 4S design outdoors or on-court, you’ll surely stand out with its vivid details. I was stunned with the laser prints! They are subtle but truly remarkable. They do not overwhelm the whole shoe design and thus, complement well with the ice outsole, metallic accents and white laces. The reflective detailing on the tongue is quite impressive which is highlighted when gets hit by a flash. So when you’re out on the court with all those reflective details, you too will shine! As part of the 30th Anniversary of the Jordan line, the Jordan Retro Laser 4S definitely brings the pride to the Jordan line.

If you often play as a guard, the mid-tops would be the right fit! Hence, the Jordan Retro Laser 4s is the good way to go! It provides greater support but it might compromise your flexibility and speed. But the fit and comfort is great. It can also help you prevent sprained ankles while playing. I also find the herringbone traction really impressive. The grip is very solid and provides enough stability!

  • The tongue is designed with reflective 3M detailing
  • Features thick soles – perfect for daily and heavy duty use
  • The laser prints add depth to the design – makes it more sophisticated and elegant
  • The ice outsole adds a taste of futuristic look on the shoes
  • Provides good support – helps prevent twisted ankles
  • The white details on the shoe make it more prone to dirt
  • Mid top type – does not provide full ankle support

Best Basketball Shoes #6: Nike Men’s Hyperdunk 2015 Prm Basketball Shoe

Nike has always been consistent with their Hyperdunk line which improves every time they release a new pair. The Hyperdunk 2015, on the other hand, offers reliable traction which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has high resistance against dirt and dust which makes it more durable along with the quality rubber. The traction pattern really add up to the grip. The cushioning, however, didn’t go with Nike’s zoom air standards. It is not very responsive when you bounce. It feels lighter anyway.

The materials used such as the textile fabric keeps the product durable. The mesh is not very soft but not stiff either so with such feature, it gives you a comfortable feeling. When it comes to the support, the huge heel does it perfectly. It is made of foam and the midsole as well. It may not be appreciated aesthetically but it actually contributes a greater support. It also provides better support and flexibility on your calves. The Flywire technology also wraps the foot for a dynamic fit and lockdown.

The traction patterns make the grip firmer and gives off a good bounce. This feature is essential for basketball players. Firmer grip means better stability and flexibility. However, the cushioning is actually not as good as the previous models. It is structured the way the responsiveness was a bit insufficient. But then, it provides a lighter feeling. On the other hand, Hyperdunk 2015’s support is commendable and just splendid. If ever you look for basketball shoes with great support, the Hyperdunk 2015 might be the one for you. The giant heel at the heel counter is somehow an eyesore to some consumers and not aesthetically impressive, but this is where the magic support comes from.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • The traction patterns make the grip firmer
  • Provides great support with its giant heel – also a great support for the calves
  • Lightweight and durable
  • The giant heel didn’t go very well with the shoe design – not very impressive
  • The responsiveness is not sufficient

Best Basketball Shoes #7: Nike Men’s Kobe XI Elite Low Basketball Shoe

The Flyknit material provides strong and lightweight support but does not compromise the durability. It is so light that it provides formfitting and ultralight support for your speed and maneuverability. The multidirectional agility also offers flex grooves in the forefoot of the Lunarlon foam and allows your toes to spread naturally and comfortably.

The cushioning is also one of the best features of the Kobe 9. It is in full length with drop-in Lunarlon foam that delivers soft but responsive shock absorption. It is also designed with Nike Zoom Air in the heel which maximizes the cushioning and responsiveness.

The mesh tongue makes it breathable and the mesh inner sleeve, on the other hand, enhances stability and offers sock-like comfort. However, this is a low-top design so it may not provide full ankle support but then, it allows your ankle to move in wider motion. The translucent rubber outsoles features micro-tread pattern for multi-surface and multi-directional traction.

If you prefer less ankle support, the Kobe 9 Elite low top might be a good option for you. With its low top style, it allows your ankle to move in full motion. The herringbone structure makes it suitable for indoor use. The soft rubber provides firmer grip and the mesh tongue and inner sleeve greatly wrap around your foot comfortably. All in all, the whole structure makes it one of the most recommended basketball guard shoes.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Full-length cushioning which offers responsive shock absorption
  • Designed with Nike Zoom air – maximizes cushioning and responsiveness
  • Mesh tongue is breathable – provides more ventilation
  • Mostly preferred for indoor use
  • Does not provide full ankle support

Best Basketball Shoes #8: Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier IX Basketball Shoe

There are 5 major features the Zoom Soldier 9 you need to know about – traction, cushion, support, materials and fit. The traction is a hexagonal pattern and provides and firm and solid grip – great for both outdoors and indoors.

The cushion also has its own story. Like most Nike shoes, it is equipped with Zoom air units along the heel and forefoot. They are actually thick which make the shoe comfortable and more durable.

The materials used with this model are nylon, mesh and fuse. The Fuse is actually a type of material that makes something stiff which explains why the tongue doesn’t stretch thus quite stiff.

However, the materials adapt to your feet and allow them to move comfortably. The fit is true to its size and the lockdown’s another awesome feature. The forefoot strap gives perfect fit. Lastly, the Soldier 9 guarantees full support in all areas of your feet. No dead spots and loose points.

The Lebron Soldier 9 provides full and heavy-duty support that does not let you down whenever you need to take them indoors or outdoors. Though the support is fully structured, the weight is not compromised. It is lightweight yet durable and even provides great comfort with the materials used. I found the hexagonal pattern really awesome. The traction is just great which is really important when you look for basketball shoes. If the traction is not well-built, you’ll lose grip and you won’t be able to maneuver freely on the court. The only downside, perhaps, is the material used with the tongue. It is made of mesh, nylon and fuse which does not allow the tongue to stretch and hence, causes pain at times.

  • Features hexagonal pattern for multidirectional traction
  • Equipped with Zoom air units along the heel and forefoot
  • The forefoot strap gives perfect fit.
  • Guarantees great support at all points
  • The tongue does not stretch which causes pain at times

Best Basketball Shoes #9: Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 773 II Basketball Shoe

The Adidas Derrick Rose 773 II is great for outdoors and indoors with its traction. The materials are high quality as usual – synthetic leather, synthetic nubuck and textile. These make up a durable and lightweight shoe.

The synthetic leather upper with sprint web technology makes it lighter in weight. The articulate molded ethylene vinyl acetate offers light responsive cushioning. The molded ethylene vinyl acetate sock liner, on the other hand, is geared with geofit collar for step in comfort and heel fit.

The lockdown is great and all of the materials does not require break-in time. In regards to the support, it does not feature Sprintframe which makes it more comfortable and allows you to move in wider range of motion.

D Rose 773 II from Adidas sure is embellished with remarkable features. They are durable and lightweight and do not require break-in time. It provides perfect fit but with its narrow side, some consumers prefer getting a half higher of their size. That’s why some consumers ended up with tired and painful feet. So if you’re going to go for this shoe, might as well consider getting half a higher size. But then, it still depends on you. You can try them on to check its comfort. The cushioning is also responsive and the geofit collar-geared sock liner provides more comfort. I personally think that the traction is its highlight. It is just perfect and it has all the grip you need. And that grip is what you need to move freely on the court. The ventilation is also commendable which allows your feet to breathe comfortably.

  • Designed with great traction – perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Does not feature sprintframe which makes it more comfortable and allows you to move in wider range of motion
  • Not comfortable at times due to the narrow sides. They compromise the fit and size at times.
  • All materials are synthetic but too costly for its price. Materials used could’ve been better.

Best Basketball Shoes #10: Nike Men’s Air Command Force Basketball Shoe

The Nike Air Command Force basketball shoes definitely skyrocketed to stardom when Woody Harrelson wore these in the movie White Men Can’t Jump in his character as Billy Hoyle.

It is not only known with its movie signature but also with its features. It offers full ankle support but does not compromise the ventilation. The high-top silhouette is equipped with a fully functional air pump system which also enhances the cushioning. Hence, gives you a comfortable and light feeling.

The air pump is its focal feature which was also designed in the previous or older models. This kind of technology reduces the force of impact and brings the air soles back in its perfect volume and shape. With that state, it preps itself up for another impact.

The leather material makes it a bit heavy and gives off a cardboard feel. However, it makes the shoes even more durable. The support is more solid. The design is not complicated as the other modern shoes mostly are.

If a full ankle support is what you need, I think the Nike Air Command Force might be the best option. Made of leather, it gives off more solid support but adds on a bit weight. However, I find it a bit heavy and also bulky. But the advantage of leather material is superior durability. The air pump design had actually been one of the major features of the 90s shoe style. The Nike Air Command Force is a major throwback. So, a lot of consumers were really glad to have this technology and style back in the present.

  • Designed with air pump technology
  • The leather material makes it durable
  • A high-top type – offers full ankle support
  • The cushioning gives a comfortable and light feeling
  • It is a bit heavy and bulky

Factors to Consider: How to Choose the Best Basketball Shoes

Know Your Size. This might be the very first thing you would do. It is indeed one of the important steps to get the best basketball shoes for you. When you walk into physical stores, you can just try every pair out and know which ones give the best fit. However, shopping online might be a bit challenging but of course, these online stores make sure you’re getting the perfect pair. They provide size charts wherein measurements are displayed in inches or centimeters. Hence, you have to measure your feet and determine their length and width.

Know What Type Of Player You Are. If you’re a power player or a speed player, you need a pair of basketball shoes that feature superior cushioning and stability. All-around players need full foot and ankle support, good cushioning and flexibility. However, most basketball players prefer lighter weight of shoes since it allows them to maneuver or jump freely and easily. In regards to this, it is important to know how you play on the court. Every type of shoe is designed to enhance a particular movement. Thus, determining how you play on the court allows you to know what type and features of shoes you exactly need.

Check The Quality. All of these basketball shoe brands are made of different types of materials. Most of which are made of the highest quality. But of course, you still have to be careful of choosing. You can check what material the shoes are made of. They have to be durable since you’ll be using them for long hours on the court or outdoors. You can consider shopping on the well-known brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Converse, Puma, Fila and New Balance.

Pick Your Style. It is probably one of the most difficult things to do – choosing the style and design you want. It may seem easy but with all those stunning signature designs, striking colors and creative coordination, it might take time to decide. But there’s more to style that you need to prioritize – the basic footwear styles. They can be low-tops, high-tops or mid-tops. The high-tops are the heaviest but provide full ankle and foot support. Mid-tops are lighter than the high-tops but does not fully provide ankle support as what high-tops do. However, they are mostly recommended for beginners and the common choice of basketball players. Lastly, low-tops are the lightest and so allow the player to speed up in the game. However, it does not offer full ankle support.

Comfort. All the best features are useless if they do not provide you great comfort. The best basketball shoes do not only stand out with its design or physical features. They have to be the comfiest. You’ll be wearing them out on-court or outdoors so they have to be very comfortable. The comfort will also allow you to maneuver around the court easily and freely.

Know Your Budget. All of these basketball shoes vary in prices. Some are quite costly and some are just right on the price. If your budget is your priority over the product’s quality, you have to carefully plan and research which ones are affordable yet offer quality features.

Taking The Final Step

Choosing the next perfect basketball shoes for you may seem a bit difficult. With all those unique and creative designs, it is definitely no joke. However, you cannot just settle with the features that you see. You’ve got to be careful of choosing. There are important factors you need to consider first. It is vital to know your foot size, identify how you’re going to use it for and check the quality and durability. The prices also vary so if you only have limited budget, you should make sure you’re getting the best basketball shoes at an affordable price but at the finest quality.

We hope this list helped you pick out the best basketball shoes! Which ones are your favorite and which ones are the least attractive? Did we miss anything in our list? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.