Best Soccer Cleats 2017 – The Complete Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


What is the best soccer cleats in 2017 you are looking for? Let’s me help!

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, having the right soccer cleats is very important.  No one actually thinks that a right boot will make you a better player.  But I can guarantee you that they make a big difference.

If you work on your game, and train hard, a good pair of cleats will go a long way in helping you reach your potential on the field.

People are often overwhelmed when they have to select a new pair of boots.  There are just so many options, and so many factors to consider when you are looking for the best soccer shoes for you.  Well, I am here to help.

There are materials, player positions, field conditions and budget constraints to consider.

I went and did some research to try and make the whole process much easier.  I compiled a list of the best soccer cleats available today.  Now, when I say best, I really mean that I put together a list that represents a wide range of shoes that cater to many different needs and budgets.

I also put together a section on all of the factors you should consider when you buy your new boots.

I hope the list, the last reviews, and the information helps!  Let’s get into it!

Best Soccer Cleats 2017 - Complete Buyer's Guide & Reviews

Best Soccer Cleats 2017 – List Top 10

Here is a table of the top 10 cleats I decided to do an in depth review of.  I tried to include all types from all price ranges to help you navigate you through all the information out there!

NameType (field)Material 
Nike TIEMPO LEGEND VI FG *Ed’s choiceFirm GroundKangeroo leather with synthetic sole.
PUMA EVOSPEED SL LEATHER TRICKS *Ed’s choiceFirm Ground (Slight wet)Leather
ADIDAS 11 PROFirm GroundTaurus Calf Leather
ASICS DS LIGHT 6 Firm ground (some hard ground)Kangaroo leather
NIKE MERCURIAL VAPOUR CR7Firm ground (strictly)Synthetic
NIKE PREMIER SGSoft GroundKangaroo/Goat Leather
ADIDAS F50 ADIZERO TRXFirm GroundLeather and Synthetic
PUMA EVOPOWER 1 Firm GroundSynthetic Leather

In-depth Analysis & Reviews

Here is an in depth breakdown and review of all of the cleats in the top 10.  We did interviews, research and consulted opinion polls to give you best presentation of a vast array of cleats.  I’m sure you will get some clarity on the matter and be able to make a highly informed choice on your next pair!

Best Soccer Cleats #1: Nike TIEMPO LEGEND VI FG (Editor’s choice)

This is one of the longest running cleat designs around. And that is generally a very good sign. If people have been buying this stuff since 1985, it means they have to be doing something right!

This is a no-frills shoe, and the design puts comfort at the top of its priorities. The shoe has an elegant, classic design that reminds you of old-school soccer.

This is a firm ground shoe with an outsole stud configuration that helps with optimum traction. They will do fine on a field that is slightly wet, but will not fare well in muddy conditions.

It comes with a molded EVA sock-liner that helps to provide extra arch support as well as impact protection for those extra tense contact-heavy games.

One of the downsides of these cleats is that they wear and tear quite easily, and are definitely not the most durable cleats on the market. This is a common feature in many of the more expensive, professional cleats.

They are designed to get the most out of one game. Since most professional players are sponsored and don’t have to worry about wear and tear, this is not a problem.

For us regular folks, who have to fork out money for every new pair, this might be an issue. If this is your worry, you might want to look at the cheaper, more durable cleats out there.

Classic design, borderline professional shoe with some minor wear and tear issues!
  • Classic design.  Great looking shoe!
  • Can handle short grass fields as well as slightly wet conditions.
  • Flexible TPU plate for added durability and stability
  • Internal TPU heel counter for lockdown
  • Hypershield technology to help reduce water absorption and drying times.
  • Perforated sock-liner with Poron insert which eventually mirrors your natural foot shape.
  • There has been quite a lot of complaints about the durability of these cleats. As I explained earlier – this is quite typical of the higher end and professional cleats.
  • They are quite pricey!

Best Soccer Cleats #2: Puma EvoSPEED SL II Tricks (Editor’s choice)

These are definitely the most noticeable cleats on our list!  With their super bright colors, these shoes are very hard to miss.

One of the first things you will notice about these shoes, however, is what a comfortable fit they are.  They immediately feel snug and supportive without being too tight or in any way suffocating.

Although these are full leather cleats, they are extremely thin and have a surprisingly nude feel to them.  So if you are looking for the typical thick, robust feeling of leather rather than the synthetic lightness, these might not be the cleats for you.  They are leather, but they feel synthetic.

The Puma EvoSpeed has a very flexible outsole, especially in the front area.  It immediately has that broken in feeling and seems ready for action as soon as you are.  The middle part of the outsole is very stable and provides excellent support.

The PUMA evoSPEED SL II Leather is a very good upgrade from the previous model.  Any fan of the previous model will be happy with the new tweaks.  The new stitch pattern increases comfort and decreases the over-flexibility of the upper part of the shoe, while still keeping the fit snug and lightweight.  Shooting is simple, yet soft to avoid unnecessary aftershock or injury.  The outsole gives good traction without making the shoe bulky.

Overall, the evoSPEED SL II Leather is a distinct improvement on its already satisfactory predecessor. Good, affordable, lightweight leather shoe.
  • Very light and comfortable shoes. The lightness is particularly impressive for leather cleats.
  • Affordable price for such a high-quality product.
  • Authentic Puma Gear Guarantee.
  • PUMA Formstrip at lateral and medial sides.
  • The bright colors of the design might be off-putting to some. I find them quite over-bearing.  But that is obviously a very personal, stylistic comment.
  • If you are looking for the thick, mushy feel of leather cleats, you won’t find that in these cleats. They are all leather, but really feel light like a pair of synthetic cleats.  This, again, is only a negative point for some.

Best Soccer Cleats #3: Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleats

This shoe is a version of an incredibly popular Adidas classic.

It is without a doubt one of the most popular turf cleats out there – and for a good reason.

It is made from full-grain kangaroo leather and reinforced with suede for extra comfort and durability.

It is an unusually comfortable shoe, even straight out of the box.

Because the upper part of the shoe is made entirely of kangaroo leather, it will stretch to fit even the widest of feet.

That being said, you might want to consider ordering half a size smaller than usual, due to the stretching of the upper leather.

This is quite a heavy shoe. It was designed with quality and durability in mind. It all adds up to making this one of the most substantial cleats available. They heavyweight, on the other hand, is not that unusual for a turf shoe.

The traction that these offer is incredible. The studs on the sole are quite big for a turf shoe, without jeopardizing speed by digging in too much. These cleats could even work on hard terrain surface.

The boot has a very padded feeling to it, due to the leather with the suede reinforcement.

This gives you a very controlled feeling when handling the ball. This also plays a part in making these Adidas some of the most durable soccer cleats on the market today. They are built to last, for sure.

There are definitely more advanced turf shoes on the market, with more bells and whistles on them. This shoe, however, is a classic for a good reason. It has been on the market for as long as it has for a very good reason. It’s a great pair to have if you are looking for comfort and versatility.
  • The extra padding really helps for those short chip shots.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Works well on turf, but even in certain hard surfaces.  It is rare for a turf shoe to be this versatile.
  • Die-cut EVA insole for lightweight comfort
  • Pre-molded EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning
  • TRAXION outsole for maximum grip in all directions
  • Some find the upper leather to be too thick, and the tongue of the shoe to be invasive.  This sometimes takes away some of the feel of the ball.
  • It is a pretty basic shoe, but that could also be a good thing depending on what it is you are looking for.

Best Soccer Cleats #4: Adidas 11pro FG

By far the most underrated pro cleat on the market.  The lack of spotlight on this shoe is likely due to the few pro-Adidas players that use them.  This is most likely more related to contractual agreements than to the actual ability of the shoe to perform in high gain situations.

The 11 pro is a surprisingly versatile cleat that seems to be the most professional cousin of the ultra-popular Copa Mundial.

The boot features a Traxion 2.0 stud configuration which utilizes Dual-cushioning studs with internal anti-shock tubes.  It also sports a soleplate that is designed to give you the best possible traction and comfort on a surprising variety of field conditions.

The midfoot section feels well supported and secure despite the absence of the mid-foot saddle from previous models.

Extra comfortable suede inner design with microfiber technology for an almost weightless feeling.

What is really unique about this shoe, is how well it manages to balance comfort and performance. Most pro shoes are very focused on speed and aerodynamics of high performance, that they forget about the fact that we need to be comfortable and feel supported. This shoe is uniquely successful in achieving both those goals.
  • Amazing performance to comfort balance.
  • Cross-stitched upper for extra flexibility
  • Taurus full grain calf leather upper for glove-like fit with high resistance to abrasion
  • Comfort suede lining for glove-like fit
  • Memory foam molds to the foot for a custom fit
  • Comfort frame for distributing pressure for a comfort fit
  • TRAXION 2.0 FG stud configuration for maximum grip and acceleration on firm natural pitches
  • Some complaints about how thin the shoe is. Especially for medium or wide feet.
  • Issues with durability typical with pro or performance orientated cleats.

Best Soccer Cleats #5: ASICS DS Light 6

This is an excellent middle of the range shoe.  Most people who give these cleats a try (usually due to its affordability) are pleasantly surprised.

This is the best way to get used to a pro cleat, without the pro price.

It has a kangaroo leather upper that is combined with some synthetic materials towards the back part of the upper.  The synthetic leather in the mid-section gives a solidly supported feeling around your foot.

The low-profile outsole plate features TPU extensions that assist in both lateral and medial arch support.

The low-profile outsole design is equipped with a 12-stud pattern that assists in providing maximum traction on a range of surfaces.

As I’ve mentioned, this is the perfect shoe to get if you are looking for that pro, high performance feeling without having to spend too much. Great, affordable pro cleats.
  • Medial/lateral arch support extensions
  • Rubber bottom
  • Ultra-lightweight synthetic leather upper
  • Shorter studs allow for firm ground and hard ground playing.
  • The bright neon colors might be too much for some.
  • The kangaroo leather is only on the front part of the shoe, with the middle and back being mainly synthetic.

Best Soccer Cleats #6: Nike Mercurial Vapor XI CR7

This famous shoe, endorsed by Christiano Ronaldo needs no introductions.

This cleat has a very narrow fit but is definitely a bit wider than its predecessor.  This, however, plays a part in creating that barefooted feeling that a lot of high-performance athletes are chasing after.

The cleat is designed specifically with a striking position in mind.  It is therefore no surprise that this is one of the nicest cleats to shoot in.  With amazing control and a barefoot feel, this is truly a high performance professional cleat.

Control, light weight and surprisingly comfortable for a high performance shoe…Nike have really outdone themselves with this edition of CR cleats!
  • Updated stud configuration was developed using computer modelling to achieve the ideal balance of traction, torque and comfort.
  • Tongue-less construction wraps the foot for a snug, locked-down fit. Low-profile toe box helps you get under the ball.
  • All Conditions Control (ACC) technology provides optimal ball control in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Anti-skid top cloth grips the foot to increase traction inside the boot.
  • Durability is not great. If you play a lot, these will probably wear very quickly.
  • These cleats are expensive (but for a good reason).

Best Soccer Cleats #7: The Nike Premier SG

This could be seen as Nike’s answer to the Adidas Copa Mundial.  A ancient school, classic looking cleat by a company that focusses mainly on high-performance pro, synthetic cleats.

Super comfortable cleats straight out of the box that offer an old school look with a lot of new school performance orientated improvements and technology.

This is a versatile shoe that is marketed as a soft ground cleat, but like the Copa Mundial is pretty versatile.

The premier features conical studs and the lower profile design. Each of the 12 studs located on the sole has been trimmed in both length and width. This provides a lower center of gravity with a quicker release from the surface as you push off to sprint.

This is a deceptively simple and affordable cleat that might seem basic, but it hides some of the best cleat technology right in plain sight. Some might call these the best boots for a tight budget.
  • Kangaroo leather upper with goat leather quarter and heel panels for enhanced comfort and great touch
  • Anatomical sock liner for support and low-profile cushioning.
  • Affordable
  • This is not exactly a professional level shoe, but you could still use it for fairly competitive playing,
  • Some issues with slipperiness on the ball, even in dry conditions.

Best Soccer Cleats #8: Adidas F50 adiZERO

Another high-end release comparable to the CR7’s.  These are professional level cleats, and besides the obvious technology that goes into their design, they will serve a highly specialized function.  If you buy these or similar cleats, you need to be very sure of what you want.

These boots tend to take a while to break in.  They might feel very tight initially, but after a while, they start molding themselves around your foot and become surprisingly comfortable.

Expect a barefoot feeling while handling the ball.  These are designed to be ultra-lightweight and very manageable.

The shoe, however has a very narrow build and if you have a slightly wider than average foot, you might struggle getting into these.

This is a high end, high performance cleat for the serious player.
  • Hypridtouch: A newly developed super soft upper material that is a hybrid of the benefits of leather and synthetic in one material.
  • All linings inside the shoe are treated with AgION technology, which works against the growth of bacterial odors.
  • A pre-molded sock-liner offers maximum comfort and extra cushioning
  • Very expensive
  • Not very durable.
  • Not suitable for players with a naturally wide foot.

Best Soccer Cleats #9: PUMA EVOPOWER 1

This flashy boot comes with some exciting innovations.  With the launch of these cleats with Puma is introducing its new “Gradual Stability Frame” (GSF) and an “Adap-Lite” upper.

These are both technologies that are aimed at securing the shape of the shoe, without sacrificing any of the in-play flexibility you might need as a high-performance athlete

As the name suggests, the primary goal of these cleats is power.  This comfortable, lightweight synthetic boot can really carry a ball over a field.  With excellent grip and reinforcement, it really latches onto the ball and helps you pump all your energy into those long distance passes or clearings.

  • Passing feels connected to the ball with little or no energy going to waste.
  • Adaplite premium one-way stretchable microfiber.
  • Very narrow boot.
  • Durability leaves some to be desired.  Again, this is not unusual for high-performance shoes.

Best Soccer Cleats #10: Adidas Performance X

This boot was a bit of an experimental effort for Adidas.  The focus was not the position based, but rather an all-around cleat that can serve the needs of any position on the field.

Made for those who want to make an impact on the field really, the Adidas X is designed to give every player the ultimate fit and technology to give that extra competitive edge to dominate on the field.

The upper found on the X is named X-SKIN synthetic, which is all about stability and grip.

This is a professional cleat without having a specific goal. It is almost like the company just tried to make the perfect cleat that can cater for any player.
  • Experience zero wear-in time with a techfit compression upper that molds perfectly to your foot the instant you slip it on
  • Firm Ground chaos stud alignment
  • Designed for explosive speed and traction on firm ground.
  • Great ball feel and control.
  • For many foot types, the heel is too high. This can be very uncomfortable or even lead to injury.

Best Soccer Cleats Buyer’s Guide – Thing To Consider When Buying

Since choosing the right cleats can be a very intimidating and overwhelming thing to do – I have compiled a list for you of things to consider that might help to guide you towards the right choice.

Choosing the right stud pattern for the pitch.

Different fields require different qualities from your cleats.  Here is a quick guide to help you choose the right cleats depending on the type of field you will be playing.

Firm ground cleats

If you are going to be playing on natural grass that is not too wet, you should be looking at firm ground cleats.  These shoes usually have ten or more studs on the bottom of the shoe.  They can be either cone or blade shaped.

The cone shaped studs are rounded at the bottom and are really good for flexibility of moving around on the field.

Blade shaped studs are thicker at the base but become thinner closer to the tip.  The sharper studs dig into the ground and give you a lot of grips.  They are excellent for traction and stability but are not as flexible as the cone-shaped studs.

Firm ground shoes, with blade or cone studs, are also the best choice if you are not quite confident about the conditions you will be playing in.  They are very flexible cleats and will work relatively well in a variety of contexts.

Soft surface cleats

These cleats are generally used by people who live and play in an area with lots of rain.  Things like flexibility and traction are very different to manage on wet terrain.

Because wet, soft surfaces tend to be quite slippery, the soft surface cleats are designed with traction as their main goal.  The design is usually quite similar to the firm cleat design but with fewer studs.  Usually around 6, instead of around 10.

The same as with firm ground cleats, the soft ground version will also come with the option of cone or blade shaped studs on the bottom of the boot.

Soft ground cleats have two studs on the back part of the shoe and four at the front.  The front four are split two to a side to help maintain balance in muddy conditions.

Where the firm surface cleats can be used on either firm or soft fields, the soft surface cleats should not be used on firm terrain.  It could lead to serious strain or injury.

Hard surface cleats

These cleats are specifically for the very hard surface terrain.  They are designed to give you traction on hard, eroded terrain.

The sole of a hard ground cleat is almost entirely covered with small flat studs.

For obvious reasons, these cleats don’t dig into the ground at all.  They are aimed purely at giving the player maximum grip on a solid surface.

There is a big difference (even if you may think not) between hard surface, and firm surface cleats.  You cannot use hard ground shoes on firm surface pitches.

Turf cleats

It is becoming increasingly popular to see clubs doing training and matches on turf.  It really easy to maintain and you don’t have to too worry about the weather.  For this reason, it makes sense also to have a look at some turf cleats.

Similar to the hard surface cleats, turf cleats have small studs spread all over the sole.  Some don’t even have studs at all.  Rather you might see a pattern with elevated parts that stick out slightly for grip.

Turf cleats should be used only on turf.  Since they do not have big enough studs, they will be very slippery on non-turf pitches.

Right shoes for your position

Every position has different responsibilities on the field.  Every boot must therefore have the responsibilities of a specific position in mind.  The following section will explain how to choose just the right cleats for your position.


Naturally, the forwards basically have one job.  Score goals.

The cleats designed for forwards have a larger surface area on the top of the shoe specifically to make contact with the ball.  This is called the strike zone or the vamp and it is located on the front, top part of the boot.

Another thing that is important about shoes for forwards, is the weight.  As a striker, you want to be light on your feet so that you can really harness that explosive energy onto the ball and into the net.


As you probably know, playing the midfield has a lot to do with running.  Up and down the field you go, all game long.

You want to prioritize comfort and make sure that you do not have a shoe that might start irritating you halfway through the game.

Try to ensure that you get a set of cleats that will provide you with enough support around the middle of the foot and the heel.

Look for a pair with comfortable cushioning (preferably removable) on the inside of the shoe


A defender’s shoe, quite appropriately, needs plenty of protection.  As a defender, your shoes will take a lot of strain, and they need to be more durable than the shoes used by forward and midfield players.

For defenders, traction is king.  Make sure you get a pair of cleats that will help you with those instant stops, starts, and turns when you are trying to defend your goal.

Similar to the shoes for forwards, you want a shoe with a big strike zone.  It might not be for shooting goals, but you will definitely need it to clear the ball back to the front or midfield.


The priorities of a shoe for goalies are quite similar for those of a defender.  Traction is most important.  As a goalie, you will have to move from side to side a lot, and you definitely want to rule out slipping on your shoes as much as possible.

Get a shoe that can really dig into the ground to help you jump sideways to make that crucial save.

Don’t forget the strike zone for clearing, passing and kick-outs.

The right cleats for your feet

Regardless of your position or your budget, you need cleats that fit!  We all have different bodies and different feet with different needs.  Here is a quick guide of how to know if your cleats are the right ones for your feet.


I imagine that this is a very obvious consideration when buying any shoe.  It has to fit.  And it has to fit well!

Your foot should feel supported and well covered, but not tight.  There should be a tiny gap between your front toe and the end of the shoe…about half an inch.  If your toe touches the front, the shoe is too small.  If you could fit your entire thumb into space in the front, the shoe is too big.

Some of us have unusually wide or thin feet.  If this is the case with you, make sure that you try out different brands.  They all vary slightly in their design.  Generally speaking, Nike makes narrower cleats than Adidas.

It is incredibly important to make sure you buy a shoe that fits you very well.  An ill-fitting shoe can lead to a very uncomfortable playing experience, but it can also cause some longer term harm to your foot.  Make sure you get a snug, supportive but breathable fit!


Synthetic, or leather?  What is the best way to go?

Cleats come in all kinds of materials.  From kangaroo leather, to highly scientific synthetic materials.

Synthetic materials allow for cleats to be very light, but they also tend to let in water pretty easily in wet conditions.  Leather cleats, on the other hand, are much more durable, but they tend to be heavy and sometimes can even feel quite suffocating on foot.

If you are a fan of leather cleats, but not a fan of their price you can consider calf or goat leather cleats.  They are much cheaper than their kangaroo leather counterparts.

Some companies have also been experimenting with synthetic leathers.  This gives you some benefits of both types of material, without the heavy price of genuine kangaroo leather.

Your Best Soccer Cleats That Fit Your Budget

This is another pretty obvious point.  If you are interested in playing professional soccer, or at least to play pretty seriously, you should be ready to fork out a bit more cash.  The top of the range cleats are the ones that the professionals wear for a reason.  These are shoes that are designed with the help of sports scientists for high-performance athletes.

Since being a professional also goes with sponsorships and players use new pairs of cleats for almost every game, the shoes are not built to last.

It is also not advisable to buy cleats that are too cheap.  If the quality is very low, the boots may significantly increase your risk of injury.

I assume that most of you reading this list would be interested in the middle of the range cleats.  These are cheaper and tend to last quite a bit longer.

The Final Thought

With a market that is pretty flooded with all kinds of brands and all kinds of prices, it can be really hard to find just the best soccer cleats. Keep in mind that it is a very personal thing and that you need to find what works for you. There is no objectively superior shoe. It’s all about you and your style and needs.

We did an insane amount of research and interviews to try and give you a balanced selection of cleats that caters for various positions, conditions and budgets.

Price is always imported, so we also tried not just to favor the expensive brands. Besides, sometimes the nicest things aren’t necessarily the most expensive.

We hope that this list helps you to find just the right cleats for you. Something that suits your style, your budget and most importantly…your foot!

Did you enjoy our list? Is there perhaps a particular pair that you feel should have been included here? What is your favorite shoe? Let us know in the comments.