Shark Vacuum Reviews & Shark Rocket Reviews 2017 – The Complete Buyer’s Guide


Nobody would list vacuuming as their favorite thing to do.  It is a chore that takes effort and often a lot of time.  The thing is: a quality vacuum cleaner makes the chore a lot easier and even enjoyable.  This guide is written to help you find something that will do exactly that.  This is a list with detailed shark vacuum reviews to help you find the best vacuum cleaner for your needs.

We have all been there.  Trying to get a room, or an entire house clean with a bad, noisy and often smelly vacuum cleaner.  Don’t worry; I am here to help.  Our shark vacuum reviews will give you all of the information you could possibly need to make the right decision.

In each review, I try to give you a summary with all of the information that might be helpful to anyone looking to make their cleaning life a bit easier.

shark vacuum reviews - shark rocket reviews


Why Shark Vacuum?

The Shark brand of vacuum cleaners is one of the best-known brands of vacuum cleaners.  This is no accident.  There are many good reasons why Shark has been such a well-renowned brand of vacuum cleaners for such a long time.

The brand has a longstanding reputation for quality and reliability.  It is also a brand of vacuum cleaners that has consistently received impressive amounts of favorable reviews from publications like Good Housekeeping.

Shark is a manufacturer of some different small household appliances and other kinds of cleaning solutions. The company owned by Euro-Pro Operating, LLC who specializes in creating products that are modern and that work well with our busy contemporary lifestyles.

The one thing that the Shark company is best known for, is for their vacuums.  They have a number of different types of vacuums, with models in each category.  Later in this article, I will explain all their various types of vacuums.

The company has made a name for themselves by producing high-quality products over an extended period of time.  The two characteristic features of the Shark brand are that their vacuums relatively affordable, and they are always very modern in their function and design.

The products from Shark’s vacuum range is now available in thousands of stores worldwide, and the sales keep on coming in.  This is due to some important factors.

Attachments that come with Shark vacuums are of a very high quality, and they give users a lot of versatility in cleaning some different surfaces.  The entire Shark range is also particularly gentle on wooden floors, so they are a good investment for maintaining that beautiful wooden shine.

One of the most important aspects with any kind of vacuum is good suction.  The Shark Rotator models have some of the best suction you can find in any vacuum out there today.

Shark products in general cut down on unnecessary features and focusses all of their energy on the important stuff.  I’m talking about suction, versatility, and durability.

You will quickly notice as you read through the rest of this article, that Shark has been consistently providing high-quality cleaning products to an increasingly expanding global market.

Shark Vacuum Models

The Shark vacuum range comes in three primary models: Navigator, Rotator, and Rocket models.  Each one is designed with a particular function in mind and has different strong points.

  • Navigator – The Shark Navigator is the most well-known model.  It is one of the first and most traditional designs in the brand.  The navigator models do not come with a lot of added features but is perfect if you are looking for a straight forward, well-functioning vacuum.  The navigator models are very light concerning their weight and are easy to move around.
  • Rotator – The Rotator vacuums have a bit more technology packed into them than the Navigator vacuums.  The Rotator vacuum models are designed with swivel steering inside which means they are well suited for some more heavy duty cleaning.  More on the swivel steering a bit later.
  • Rocket – The Rocket models are by far the most obviously different from the other models.  These are for the extra-light type of cleaning tasks.  The motor of the vacuum is located near the top of the handle and is light enough to pick up and move around.  It is an easy vacuum to get to those hard-to-reach places.

My Rating System – How To Choose The Best Shark Vacuum? (quick guide)

  • Design
  • Features – Special features (cordless, bagless)
  • Performance
  • Power (suction power, input power)
  • Noise
  • Dust capacity
  • Weight and dimensions
  • Warranty
  • Accessories
  • Price
  • Your home/living situation
  • Pets

How We Tess (quick guide)

  • Dirt removal from carpet – Carpet test
  • Hard floors test
  • Stairs test
  • Scratch test
  • Quick clean
  • Cleaning corners and along edges
  • Pet hair removal
  • Noise
  • Maneuverability
  • Ease of use

Best Shark Vacuum Reviews 2017

With all that in mind, here is our list of the best shark vacuums for 2017 – with in-depth analysis and reviews!

NV356ENavigatorLift-away 2 in 1GoodMedium13.7lbsMedium to highyes4.5/5
(Ed’s Choice)
NavigatorLift-away 2 in 1, Anti-allergenGood - flexibleMedium to Good12.5lbsMedium to highyes4.5/5
NV42NavigatorPet attachmentMediumMedium to Good15lbsMedium to highyes4.5/5
NV22LNavigatorBrushroll shutoffMediumMedium14.9lbsMedium to highyes4.6/5
(Ed’s choice)
Super lightweight.
Fingertip controls
High. Very flexibleMedium to good.7.6lbsMediumyes4.5/5
HV322RocketPet SpecialtyMedium to highLight8.6lbsMediumyes4.5/5
HV382RocketDuo Clean TechnologyMedium to highMedium to Good9.9lbsMediumyes4.5/5
HV321RocketLED headlightsMediumLight8.6lbsMediumyes4.6/5
NV501RotatorAnti-AllergenMedium to lowHigh15.5lbsHighyes4.5/5
NV752Rotator3 in 1 TechMedium to lowHigh15.4lbsHighyes4.5/5

About The List

Let me take a moment to explain our list and how we went about putting it together for you.

We went out and researched, and tested at a number of Shark vacuums before putting together our top 10 list for you.

We tried to incorporate vacuums from across different price and feature ranges.  Some are made especially for smaller houses and smaller budgets, while others are bigger and generally also more expensive.  We tried to include something for every type of consumer.

It is very straightforward to test a vacuum cleaner.  Underneath our list, I included a section where I explain exactly how we tested.  It is also a useful guide for yourself to help guide you in your assessment of what is a good vacuum

Here are ten detailed reviews of the top 10 best Shark vacuums that we tested.  I will also include some of our test results.

The benefits of a quality vacuum are no mystery.  We all want the right one, but finding it can be tricky.  Our list and reviews are designed to make it easier for you.

Make sure to pay attention to all of the features that apply to your situation and your needs.  There is no perfect Shark vacuum, just the perfect Shark vacuum for YOU!

Here we go!

Shark Vacuum Reviews #1: Shark Navigator NV356E

When you look at the size, model, and price for this vacuum, you will see that it is a very averagely priced.  So, in our review, we will treat it as an affordable, middle of the range type of vacuum cleaner.

It is an upright vacuum. This is the classic, and very popular vacuum design. Uprights usually provide a larger brush head and are an ideal option for deep cleaning.  They work well when you need to cover a fairly large area.

The NV356E offers a lot of power and comes with a large bag.   The size of the bag means that it does not have to be changed as frequently as some models with smaller bags.

The downside, generally, of upright vacuum cleaners is that it can be quite difficult to vacuum stairs or underneath furniture.

The NV356E has a traditional filtration technology.  It is pretty common in basic vacuum models. The intake air is shot through a thin cotton or paper to trap dirt and dust.

This should by no means make you think that the Shark NV356E in an average vacuum.  Regarding performance and durability, the Shark NV356E did much better than average on all of our tests.

The Shark NV356E comes with a fairly silent, but highly efficient motor.  At the power-to-weight ratio of 79 watts/lb, it offers 11% more power for its weight compared to the average in its class.

It also includes HEPA filtration technology which makes it suitable for users who are prone to allergies or asthma.  The filtration might have an adverse impact on the suction power.

The Shark NV356E is lighter than the average upright vacuum cleaner. This model also comes with a 30 feet power cord, which is an extra bonus.

The Shark NV356E is an excellent middle of the range upright vacuum option.  You really get what you pay for with this model.  It is very popular for good reasons.  It is affordable, efficient and durable.

  • Silent
  • Affordable
  • Better than average performance and durability.
  • Good design – Lift -away 2 in 1
  • Upright models can be difficult to use on stairs and underneath furniture, but the lift-away technology might help with this.
  • The filtration system negatively affects the suction power.
  • Checking the belt voids the 5-year warranty.

Shark Vacuum Reviews #2: The Shark Navigator NV352 (Editor’s choice)

The Shark NV352 is one of the pioneer models with Lift-Away technology.  It is a very nice concept by Shark that allows you to “lift away” the body of the vacuum from its heavy floor base and use it as a canister vacuum to clean areas that might be otherwise difficult to reach.  Like stairs, upholstery or underneath furniture.

The Shark NV352 uses cyclonic technology.  What this does, is it basically enables the unit never to lose any of its suction power as you are using it in different ways.

This model comes with four different types of attachments that will help you with various kinds of cleaning.  There is a crevice tool, dusting brush and pet hair power brush.

The Shark NV352 does a good job on hard floor surfaces because the motorized brush can be turned off.  This helps to prevent damage to wooden or other types of sensitive floors.

On carpets, the Shark NV352 will pick up most of the dirt.  It does, however, sometimes seem to struggle with bigger chunks of dirt.

The Shark NV352 is very efficient at picking up pet hair, especially from carpets. On upholstery it also comes with a mini pet hair tool for picking up pet hair on upholstery or stairs.

The Shark NV352 is a very complete cleaning system at an affordable price, and it comes with may extra features and attachments that will make your cleaning experience much easier.  Excellent vacuum!

  • HEPA filtration system to block allergens
  • Lift away 2 in 1 usability
  • Lightweight for its size
  • Includes pet hair tool
  • Relatively silent for an upright vacuum.
  • Uneven swivel.
  • Sometimes struggles with cleaning larger pieces of dirt.
  • Does not have a LED display light
  • No controls on the handle

Shark Vacuum Reviews #3: The Shark Navigator NV42

This is one of the smaller models within the Shark Navigator range.  The Shark NV42 can compete with some of its bigger counterparts regarding suction and performance, while still being one of the smallest in the Navigator range. The cyclonic system makes the vacuum bagless so you don’t have to worry about replacing bags!

The N42 had a solid performance on both carpets and bare floors in our tests.  It comes with all the usual Shark accessories, including the great pet hair removal attachment.

This type of vacuum that definitely fits into the lightweight category, but it still manages to perform good enough to meet most of your vacuum needs in a smaller house or an apartment.

In our tests, the N42 showed solid results on both solid floors and carpets. It is excellent at picking up fine and coarse particles, even from very shaggy carpets.  On wooden floors, it did a good job without scratching the floor surface.

Assembly on the N42 is very simple and the dust container is easily detachable, so it is just as easy to clean.

The Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 is a lightweight vacuum model that does its job just as well as many of the bigger vacuums on the market.  It is an affordable choice that can be a once off solution to almost all of your cleaning needs.

  • Lightweight
  • High weight to power (suction) ratio
  • Does not have a bag
  • Good with pet hair
  • Does not have a HEPA filter like many of the other Navigators
  • Does not have swivel steering
  • Has some balance issues.

Shark Vacuum Reviews #4: The Shark Navigator NV22L

This is another bag-less, upright vacuum model from Shark.

Just like the other vacuums in its class, it is lightweight.  This is a positive feature in upright vacuums since most uprights tend to be quite heavy.  The bag-less technology definitely plays an important part in making it lightweight.

This also translates into increased maneuverability of the model as well as well as making it easy to clean and maintain.

The vacuum has a 31-foot, manual-wind cord, along with a full-bin indicator that marks when the bin needs to be emptied before the machine’s cleaning power begins to suffer.

It also has a brush on/off switch for moving between carpeted and bare floors without scattering dust and debris.  This also helps to protect wooden floors from scratching.

The NV22L had particularly good performance results on the carpet tests.  If you live in a place with a lot of carpeting, this might just be the vacuum for you.

The NV22L does not have any suction control which might be a problem when you are trying to clean more delicate surfaces like upholstery.

This is a great vacuum if you keep the layout of your house in mind.  This is convenient to use the model that works excellent in larger homes with stairs as well as hard and soft floors.  Carpets are a definite strong point for the NV22L.  It is not that well suited for smaller apartments with mainly wooden floors.

  • Good with carpeting
  • Good with stairs.
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth transition between floor types
  • Relatively noisy.
  • Not great long term durability (brush roll issues)
  • Short power cord.

Shark Rocket Reviews

Shark Vacuum Reviews #5: Shark Rocket HV302 (Editor’s choice)

This is one of the best vacuums in the Shark Rocket range.

It comes with a bag of extremely useful attachments that you can use on some different surface areas. This pays a part in making the HV302 one if the most versatile of the Rocket range.

It is super lightweight and very easy to store.  This means that it is the perfect vacuums for smaller apartments.

It performs very well on carpets that are not too shaggy.  It also seemed to struggle a bit on welcome mats.  This is, however, not a big problem since we reviewed this model specifically in the lightweight section.  Therefore, versatility was more important than pure performance.

The Shark Rocket is an extremely convenient vacuum to store away. This is an amazing benefit if you stay in a small apartment or if you just don’t have a lot of storage space.  Apart from its reasonable price and relatively small size, it does a great job at cleaning just about any surface.  Excellent vacuum!

  • For its size, the HV302 is adamant and has consistent suction power.
  • It comes with a very long (30 foot) power cord.
  • Good performance over multiple surfaces
  • Affordable
  • 5-year Warrantee.
  • Not cordless.
  • Not a lot of waste space if you do heavy duty cleaning.
  • Can be noisy.
  • Sometimes goes off balance.

Shark Vacuum Reviews #6: Shark Rocket TruePet HV322

This is the perfect vacuum for two kinds of people.  Firstly, for those who have pets!  No vacuum is better at getting those pet hairs out of carpets or upholstery.  Secondly, it is great for people looking for a relatively powerful vacuum in a small and light package

The HV322 has a slight dirt container, so you will probably have to empty it out quite often.

You can easily take the Shark Rocket HV322 apart and store it in a fairly small space.  This is perfect for people with limited storage.

Cleaning performance won’t be an issue when you buy this model.  It did well on most surfaces in all of our tests.

When you use this device as a handheld (if it is not too heavy) you can easily get to those hard to reach spots under furniture or even inside a car.

This was, overall, a vacuum that showed excellent results in most of our tests.  As a pet owner, this is definitely one of the vacuums out there that is best suited to help you remove pet hair from your carpets and upholstery.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to take apart and store in small spaces.
  • Best vacuum on the market for dealing with pet hair.
  • Affordable compared to other similar models of different brands.
  • Dirt cup is small and calls for frequent emptying
  • Needs to be held upright
  • Unpleasant whistling sound while using it.
  • No HEPA filtration

Shark Vacuum Reviews #7: Shark Rocket Vacuum Cleaner with DuoClean Technology HV382

The Shark Rocket HV382 has what the Shark company calls DuoClean Technology. This is the same thing as their Triple Particle Cleaning system.  What it all means is that basically the vacuum can suck up both large pieces of dirt as well as dust and other types of dirt.

The big thing is really that the system is versatile and can adapt itself to cleaning equally well in a variety of surfaces and types of dirt.

This vacuum, like the other Rocket models, can be changed into a handheld, making stairs or more complex floor surfaces simple to clean.

The LED light display helps you to see dirt underneath dark surfaces that you might otherwise miss. The HV382 is also a bit less noisy than its predecessors.

This is one of the best quality lightweight vacuum cleaners in the Shark Rocket range.  The swivel head makes cleaning under and around the furniture truly simple.  The vacuum is easy to assemble and just as easy to clean.  It is reasonably quiet and is safe to use on hardwood floors.

  • Relatively noiseless
  • Easy to assemble
  • Powerful, especially for a smaller size vacuum.
  • Swivel steering.
  • Heavier than the other models in the Shark Rocket range
  • Short holding tab.
  • Plastic accessories seem like they might not be very durable

Shark Vacuum Reviews #8: Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright (HV321)

The Shark Rocket HV321 is the predecessor of the TruPet HV322.  This means that it is a great model to consider if you want the HV322, but just a little bit cheaper.

The Shark HV321 weighs around eight lbs., which makes it one of the lightest of all the upright vacuum cleaners.

This model includes a 30 feet power cord, which is standard for Shark but longer when compared to other brands.

In all of our tests, the surface on which this model did the best, was on hard floors.  So if you stay in wooden, or cement floor apartment and you are looking for an affordable, but versatile vacuum, this might be the perfect one for you.

  • One of the lightest upright vacuums
  • Affordable price
  • Smaller than the rotator models, which is good for storage.
  • Not very powerful
  • Falls behind some competitors in terms of its performance on carpeted surfaces.
  • Some extra parts do not seem to be very durable


Shark Vacuum Reviews #9: Shark Rotator (Lift Away) NV 501

The NV501 comes with so many attachments and accessories that it is guaranteed to be able to meet just about any cleaning need.

It is highly adjustable and maneuverable.  This means that you can take it apart and change its function in order to help you reach those tricky cleaning areas like underneath furniture.

It had an average performance in most of our tests.  Carpets, as well as hard floors, were cleaned to satisfactory levels.

The only thing that seemed to be the real problem was that the Shark Rotator had a tendency to tip over when its hose is fully extended.

The Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away is a highly versatile vacuum cleaner.  It can function as both an upright and a canister vacuum.  It is an excellent choice if you are looking for something a little bit more heavy duty than the Rocket or Navigator range that is still affordable and versatile enough to handle smaller apartments and hard-to-reach spaces.

  • One of the most versatile vacuum cleaners on the market today.
  • Comes with a lot of attachments, there is guaranteed to be something for every cleaning situation.
  • Good performance on variety of surfaces
  • Lift Away technology.
  • Balance issues.
  • Long cord can get in the way when you have smaller quick vacuum tasks to do.

Shark Vacuum Reviews #10: Shark Rotator NV752

Ok, so the NV752 is one of the most expensive vacuums on our list today.  But there is a good reason why.

When vacuuming on the carpet with the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away, the rapidly spinning brush rolls actually help propel the vacuum when you push it.  This is an incredible piece of technology that really changes your cleaning experience.   It drives you forward over large surfaces with little effort on your part.

The Rotator NV752 is splendid at cleaning underneath furniture.  It also tested well in corners and stairs.  This is very positive for a larger vacuum

Hardwood floors were also no problem for the NV752. In fact, in terms of pure performance, the NV752 was one of the highest scoring models.

This is one of the bigger and also more expensive vacuums on our list.  When you consider what it is, it is incredibly flexible.  The 3 in 1 technology means that it can be used as an upright, handheld or large model floor cleaner.

  • Extremely flexible
  • Strong performance on multiple surfaces
  • Comes with many accessories that cater for all kinds of situation.
  • 3 in 1 Technology that enables you to use it in various sizes.
  • Good for pet hair
  • More expensive than other models on this list.
  • Left some damage on wooden floors. (minimal, but more than other models) Best for carpets.
  • Can be noisy when the canister is almost full.

Things to consider before buying your best shark vacuum

There are some important things to consider when buying a Shark vacuum.  I would like to talk you through a checklist of considerations.  If you take all of the following things into account, you will be more likely to choose the perfect vacuum for your situation.

  • Design – this implies more than you might thing. Firstly, it refers to the model.  Do you need a Rotator, Rocket or a Navigator?  Each of the designs has a particular function with its own characteristics and strengths. Secondly, the design refers to the aesthetic features.  You need to like the way the product looks.  It has to look good or fit in with the rest of the interior design of your house. Thirdly, the design has to be functional within the environment that you will be using it in.  More than anything, this has to do with size.  If you stay in a small apartment, you will probably be better off with a Rocket than a Rotator.   Keep in mind storage, as well as movability of the vacuum.
  • Features – all of the different Shark models come with different features. Some enable you to take the model apart for quick cleaning.  Others come with cleaning features, like the Rotator model with the swivel technology, that helps with more heavy duty cleaning.  You have to assess your own situation and choose a vacuum that will have the right features for your cleaning needs.
  • Performance – some of the Shark models are very high-performance cleaning appliances. Here I refer specifically to the Rotator models.  This means that they have advanced cleaning technology and features for heavy duty cleaning needs.  Higher performance units obviously work best along with more serious cleaning needs, but they are also typically bigger and more expensive.  Make sure that the performance of the vacuum suits your home.
  • Power – the power of a vacuum is generally directly related to its size. Bigger models have more power and stronger suction.  Bigger, however, is not always better.  The size and power of the vacuum must suit the size and nature of the space that you intend to clean with it.
  • Noise – the noise factor is often underplayed in the vacuum industry. It is very important.  What you want to ideally have, is a vacuum that has a lot of power and that makes very little noise.  So always pay attention to the ratio of the power you get versus the noise you have to put up with.  This is particularly the case for those of you who have small pets or even neighbors that might be extra sensitive to loud noises.
  • Price – no purchasing choice can ever be made without taking our budget into consideration. A vacuum cleaner is no different.  Luckily, Shark vacuums have a reputation of being affordable.  Even within their catalog, there is a big variety of prices.  Anyone looking for a new vacuum is bound to find something that will suit their pocket.
  • Weight – similar to the issue of performance and power, the question of weight is generally related to the extent of cleaning you need to do. The size of the model will also be a good indication of what it is that you will have to move around while you clean.  The rocket models are much lighter, while the Rotators can be quite heavy.  As I explained earlier, however, this is all directly related to the extent power output of the vacuum.  So, if you have a big space that needs a lot of cleaning, a bigger size vacuum would probably not be a problem.
  • Your home/living situation – you need to be very aware of exactly what it is that you need to clean. The size of your home would be the first thing to take into account.  The next thing would be the materials in your home.  Do you have carpets, wooden floors or tiles?  All of this would play a part in choosing the correct vacuum.  The last and critical consideration are your pets.
  • Pets – if you have a pet that sheds a lot of hair, you need to make sure that you buy a vacuum that can handle loose hair on carpets and couches. Read through our reviews to ensure which models are good at handling this type of cleaning.  The other important consideration with pets is the noise.  Make sure that the vacuum that you buy is not too loud.  Loud vacuum cleaners can cause a lot of distress to pets, especially if you live in an apartment and the animal is unable to go outside or away from the noise.  Remember that cats and dogs have ears that are much more sensitive to loud noises that human ears.

How we tested the different Shark Vacuums

To test different vacuums can actually be quite fun.  We basically got to make a big mess on different surfaces before trying to clean it up with the vacuums and see which one does the job the best and the quickest.

The aspects that we focused our tests on, also served as the basis of our reviews.  It is according to these criteria that we made our top 10 choices.  When you buy your next vacuum, you should also use these criteria to inform your choice.

We paid specific attention to the following aspects of each of the vacuums:

  • Noise – firstly, before any cleaning went down we simply switched on the vacuum to see how loud it is. As we have mentioned before, in certain situations, the noise levels are extremely important.  We measured the noise of the vacuums at head level with a standard noise machine.  Even without a machine, you can get a pretty good idea of how noise a vacuum is simply by switching it on.
  • Weight – this is another test we could do before any actual cleaning had to happen. Yes, you can get the exact weight of any product by simply reading the specs.  Our test had more to do with how easy it is actually to pick up the vacuum.  So a model with a clumsy design might feel heavier than its better-designed counterpart.
  • Pet hair – we took a small square of carpet (about 50cm x 50cm) and totally covered it with different types of cat and dog hair. We would then take the vacuum over the patch and see how much of the hair gets picked up with a single stroke of the vacuum before timing how long it takes to clean the entire thing.
  • Maneuverability – this has everything to do with the physical handling of the vacuum. We did an assessment of how it feels and how easy or difficult it is to steer the vacuum over different kinds of surfaces.  We took into consideration things like the balancing of upright machines, as well as the general flexibility of a vacuum.  We looked at whether or not the attachments could reach tricky spaces like corners and underneath beds.
  • Carpet test – we threw white powder all over very dark carpets, then we compared some before and after pictures of what the surface looked like after certain amounts of sweeps of the vacuum.
  • Edges and corners – this is related to the flexibility of the vacuum. We did an assessment of how well each vacuum fares at cleaning in the corners of rooms and objects.  We also made sure to test all the different attachments that claim to be designed especially for cleaning edges and corners.
  • Hard floors – here we tested how well the vacuums do on hard floors. We had a cement and a wooden floor for this test.  Special attention was paid to the dirt between the crevices of the surfaces and if the vacuum was able to pick it up without a struggle.  We also checked whether the vacuum damaged the wooden floors.
  • Stairs – cleaning on stairs can be a tough task. We used all of the accessories provided and tested how well each vacuum picks up dirt from the corners of each stair.   We also did an assessment of how easy it is to carry the vacuum over the stairs that need to be cleaned.
  • Accessories – all vacuums come with an array of different accessories that are all designed to fulfill specific functions. We assembled all of the accessories onto the vacuums and made sure to test every one according to the purpose it was designed for.
  • Small extras – these are minor considerations that might end up making a big difference to your cleaning experience. We took note of the length of the power cord, the ease of emptying out the bags, the smell of the vacuum.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

There are so many different kinds of vacuums on the market today.  Online, on home shopping networks and in physical stores – they are everywhere.  But it can be tough to choose the right vacuum for your specific cleaning needs.

It is important to make an informed choice and to know exactly what it is that you are looking for.  Buying a vacuum can be an expensive thing, and it is usually a choice that you will live with for many years to come.  It is very important to make the right choice.

These reviews are designed to help you understand your situation and needs in such a way that enables you to make the best possible choice.

We also aimed at giving you detailed and accurate information in every one of our reviews that will enable you to really understand what exactly every model of Shark vacuum cleaner offers and which one will serve you the best.

The better you understand your own needs as well as what the vacuums have to offer, the better your choice will be.

I hope that our list and our detailed reviews help you in this regard. We did a lot of research, did tests and spoke to countless experts trying to make something that can keep you as the consumer informed about your choices.

We also decided to include vacuums on the list that suit all kinds of budgets and lifestyles.  So if you do not have a lot of money to spend on a vacuum, we are sure you will still be able to find something from this list.

I really hope that this list and our detailed reviews help you to make the best choice.  Of course, there is no perfect vacuum.  All models serve different purposes at different prices.  You just need to find what works for you!

Please let us know if you enjoyed our list.  Did we leave something out?  Let us know in the comments.

Like or share this article if you found it helpful!

Till next time, happy spring-cleaning!